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virtual tour services & 3D architecture render

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Hi! We are Virtual Asia, a virtual services company based in Bali, Indonesia. Our team are experienced and passionate people with more than 10 years experiences in photography and design industries. We combined our skills to help people and business owners in welcoming the future virtual era with our range of products and services.

We offers unparalleled excellence and innovation in the field. With commitment to quality, cutting-edge technology, and exceptional customer experiences, Virtual Asia established itself as the go-to company for immersive and engaging virtual tours and 3D realistic render (GoRound)

Why Our Product Are The Best


We ensures every virtual tours is captured with meticulous attention to detail & crystal-clear resolution using high-quality cameras and advanced imaging techniques.

Connected to Google

Virtual Asia seamlessly integrates its innovative virtual tour product with Google Business and Google Maps, providing clients with an extensive reach and enhanced online visibility.

Stunning 3D Render

This advanced offering pushes the boundaries of visual representation, with photorealistic visuals, lifelike interiors, customization and flexibility, also accurate proportions.


Virtual Asia offers an exceptional interactive product that revolutionizes the way users engage with virtual content.

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Industry-leading provider of interactive virtual tour services & 3D architecture render

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